Challenge 01: Food Log: Less than a week left

Well, if you started playing along from the beginning (Oct 2), we’re coming up on the end of the 66 days this Saturday. How are you doing? I know I started off well, then fell off the bandwagon for a bit, and lately have been more on task. One of the main things that’s helped me is automating/simplifying the logging using “quick capture” and “batch processing”. To do that I’ve been using the Drafts App on iOS to quickly capture my food intake, which then emails to Podio, and then I can batch process my notes in Podio (updating the date/time as necessary), and use a Globiflow script to create the consolidated log. Maybe there’s an automation script/process that could help you?

Ok, so what? At the end of the day what does having a bunch of lists of what I ate get me? It’s a legitimate question, and one I’ve asked myself, esp as I was falling off the bandwagon. Hopefully, it’s helped you be more mindful of what you’re eating (granted, it hasn’t much for me), or gotten you in the habit of recording your actions/activity (success for me here), or had you notice some patterns for your eating (be it time of day, activities, mood, etc).

As you come out of this first challenge I’d like you to ask yourself what you noticed or learned from the exercise that you could focus on in the next challenge? Let me know with a comment what you’re thinking. I have some ideas, but would like to get your take/ideas.

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