Return of the Challenge

So it’s been a few years since my last series of challenges, and a few things have changed since then 🙂

For one, as posted yesterday, I’m now using HabitShare to track my habits and that’s where anyone that wants to participate in these new set of challenges can share their progress as well. Just be sure to let me know what email address you signed up under or look me up in the app to share.

Also, between reading things like Atomic Habits and The One Thing, the challenges will be a little longer (66 days to be exact) in an effort to make the habit a little more ingrained, but feel free to work on them as long as you see fit. That said, my plan is to start a new challenge monthly until I run out of ideas or fall off the bandwagon – which is why I’m hoping some of you will join in – to make the journey a little more fun.

Now, don’t worry, I realize the holidays are coming up which is why the first few challenges will be relatively easy to get you in the habit of following a habit on a daily basis.

Hope to see you on the journey!

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