Habit Tracking

I’ve used habit tracking apps off and on for years to try and get my life in order. The last one I tried, Coach.me, seemed to hold promise, but then they switched their model to be more coaching centric and less focused around social sharing. Plus, let’s be honest… I fell off the bandwagon a bit myself.

Anyway, I recently started considering getting into coaching, but still wanted to find something that would be more social and flexible in terms of being able to share certain things with some people and not others – as well as not locked into sharing 50% of your income.

Well, I think I may have found that app. It’s called HabitShare. Check it out on the App Store of your choice or start by visiting https://habitshareapp.com/

Once you’ve installed it, let me know if you’re interested in joining any of my 66 day challenges, or want some free coaching on a habit of your choice! It’s my treat as I see if it’s something I want to do on an ongoing basis, and so I can build up my skills.

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